Looking to add some bling to your bathroom with new custom mirrors?

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Silver Mountain Glass has several new designs and styles to choose from. With advice from well-known designers, we have came up with several options to meet every beautiful style and design.

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We specialize in:

  • Custom patterns, drilling, notching & shapes
  • High quality HD mirror
  • Floating & Standoff mirrors
  • Backlit mirrors
  • Custom edging and polishing
  • Mirrored walls
  • Custom framing
  • Antique & colored mirror
  • Sandblasting, Logos, & Artistic mirror
  • Wardrobe & closet mirror
  • Security mirror


We offer a wide array of stocked finishes to suit your design needs. We have an extensive hardware variety on hand to help you decide. From a classic shower, to a completely upscale and modern shower, we can build you something beautiful that fits your style. With many hardware and finish styles to choose we can find something that matches your personality and your budget. Visit our showroom for new styles and finish options.


Ask us about HydroShield, a hydrophobic protection layer that can be added to any door, new or existing. HydroShield glass restoration can return your glass surfaces to a like new condition. It repels water, hard water build up, and keeps your door looking beautiful, and super easy to clean!


We offer European Style Enclosures engineered to use heavy duty 3/8″ to 1/2″ tempered glass. These doors are strong, and built to last a life time. There is generally no “standard size”, and every door is a custom fit for your home. Steam showers are available framed, partially framed, or frame-less. Want to get rid of that ugly shower curtain, and not spend a fortune? Fully Framed enclosures are a cost effective upgrade, and add beauty to your bathtub. Bathroom design is important to your home. We take pride in excellent quality and great customer service.

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